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Sculptra® Master Class - North Dallas, TX

Introduction to Sculptra®
Sunday, October 15, 2023
Reserve your seat: Sunday, October 15th (only a few spots left).

Want to launch your career in Aesthetics?

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Gain a well-rounded understanding of aesthetic medicine through comprehensive training. Learn patient selection, anesthesia techniques, safety protocols, and injection methods for Sculptra® Aesthetic. Enhance your skillset and excel in the field of aesthetic medicine.

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$151,109/yr median annual salary - Glassdoor
45% fast-growing career field

Reserve your seat: Saturday, August 12th
(only a few spots left)

What are the payment options?

$ 300 Off - Limited time only


All your questions answered:

Who is eligible for this course?
MDs, DOs, RNs, PAs and NPs
Active License

What can I expect from this course:

Discuss the purpose and goals of Sculptra® Aesthetic
Understand the treatment areas for Sculptra® Aesthetic including cheeks, nasolabial folds, melomental folds and wrinkles, jawline, and temples
Examine the prep and reconstitution of Sculptra® Aesthetic
Learn the patient assessment and selection process and how to perform patient consultations specific to using Sculptra® Aesthetic
You will perform the client consultation, develop a treatment plan and perform the injections all under the supervision of the instructor.


Become CosMedic Certified and Launch your career in Aesthetics!

Course Highlights:

  • Evaluate & correct patient selection criteria &t he elements of successful aesthetic patient
  • Discuss anesthesia techniques
  • Understand and manage common complications with proper safety protocols
  • Demonstrate & correct injection methods and techniques for Sculptra® Aesthetic
  • Live body demo

Meet the Experts:

Debbie Tay

Debbie Tay


Debbie Tay RN, MSN, FNP-BC, RNFA is an aesthetic Nurse Practitioner and Master Injector since 2010. She is an Allergan AMI peer to peer trainer & Galderma GAIN trainer who has trained countless practitioners on the art and science of facial injectables. She currently works at OU Beauty Medspa, one of Galderma’s and Allergan’s top accounts, as their master aesthetic lead injector. Through her years of practice and teaching she has become very well versed on both the Galderma and Allergan portfolios and their diverse properties to achieve optimal correction. Debbie is a passionate trainer/mentor and enjoys sharing her invaluable expertise with fellow aesthetic injectors. She believes in the artistry that provides a natural result, helping her patients embrace the idea of aging gracefully in every decade. Prior to her career in aesthetics, she worked as a neuroscience nurse at Cedars Sinai Hospital and as a nurse practitioner at an orthopedic spine practice assisting in surgery for six years. Continuing her path in neuro, she became a Stroke Coordinator at Huntington Memorial Hospital and led the hospital to achieving the Primary Stroke Center from The Joint Commission.

What are the payment options?

$300 Off

includes product and model if needed

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